Whether you’re just starting out or already have a partnership initiative in place, the CEG Assessment is the key to understanding how to optimize your partner business.

The Assessment is following the PXP Framework which is a proven methodology for establishing and scaling successful Partner programs in B2B SaaS companies.

It follows three clear steps to make sure that the Partner-Market-Fit will be achieved and the partner initiative will contribute to capital efficient growth of the company by elevating the existing Go-To-Market strategy.

With the CEG Assessment you get a in-depth analysis of your current partner initiative from a seasoned industry expert. Benefit from their knowledge to uncover opportunities, discover gaps and challenges and get a clear action plan to optimize your partner business.

Clarify questions you may have about strategic and operational issues and make sure your path to a successful partnership business is straightforward.

Format: Workshop (in-person/virtual)

Price: 2999€ / Assessment (net)