Welcome to the Era of CEG

Times have changed. The era of easy access to investor money is gone. And with it the paradigm of GaaC – Growth at all Costs. Today you need to grow smarter.

Your company still has to show significant growth. Today, this growth must be sustainable and efficient. Today it’s about efficiency – today it’s all about CEG – Capital Efficient Growth.

Hi, I’m Martin and I help B2B SaaS companies to achieve sustainable and capital efficient growth by elevating their existing GoToMarket with the Power of Partnerships.

If you want to learn more about it, you can listen to the Podcast episodes I was invited to, follow me on LinkedIn or just give me a call.

Partnerships are an important driver of growth for talentsconnect. 

Tapping into Martin’s knowledge and experience with his Advisory enables us to overcome challenges, avoid mistakes and constantly improve our partner program, taking it to the next level. 

And it’s easy and fun to work with him, I especially enjoy the pragmatic and hands-on advice.

Lars Wolfram, Co-Founder talentsconnect AG

If you want to learn more about how partnerships and ecosystem-led growth could help your company to achieve your goals, book a call to explore ways of working together.